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Welcome to Curassow Amazon Lodge

Amazon Expeditions - Curassow Amazon Lodge is a tour operator based out of Iquitos, Peru. We specialize in Amazon jungle & rainforest tours and adventure vacations. Our eco tours offer a unique getaway and educational experience for the adventurous.

Amazon Expeditions - Curassow Amazon Lodge are located in Iquitos and offers an unforgettable guided experience into the heart of this great frontier. Our Amazon Jungle Lodge, Curassow Amazon Lodge (located 140 km or 87 miles south of Iquitos Perú) offers authentic yet comfortable Jungle Lodge deep in the heart of Peru's Amazon jungle.

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What Are People Saying?
"It truly Curassow Amazon Lodge is a unique and awe-inspiring experience in Iquitos. The immensity of the jungle is simply amazing, both in the expanse of that green sea of foliage as you fly over it and in the towering height of the trees as you stand so small in the midst of them..." Continue Reading »

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